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Five-lateral (Latvian – Lithuanian –Estonian – Finnish –Swedish) Police and Border Guard authorities chiefs meeting in Jurmala, Latvia 2016. gada 24. marts

March 16th, first day of the meeting, included exchange of views on the five-lateral police cooperation plan, its implementation and forthcoming activities; exchange of information on organized crime tackling in Baltic Sea region, considering the fact that Latvia is planning to preside Baltic Sea region Task Force from 2017-2019, more extensive discussions took place on future challenges and priorities; as well as the Lithuanian Police department enlightened with the police reform in Lithuania.

Considering the geopolitical situation and migration crisis in Europe agenda on March 17th was mainly focused on discussions and exchange of information on burden caused by migration on the police forces in European Union. It was also a reason why the border guard authorities were invited to join this meeting. Representative from Latvian State Border Guard informed about combating illegal immigration and representative from State police of Latvia gave presentation about mission in Slovenia, from 9th November 2015 to 8th January 2016, where 30 State Police officers were supporting Slovenian police to ensure public order and crowd control in migration concerned regions.

At the end of the meeting decision was made that from now on border guard authorities chiefs will be invited to participate in five-lateral police chiefs meetings and that the next meeting in 2017 will be organized by the Police and Border Guard Board of Estonia.

Five-lateral police chiefs meeting is an annual event and is organized in one of the five countries on the rotation principle, as it is stipulated in five-lateral action plan, that states also criminal and public order police forces, and international affairs field chiefs meeting time and place from 2015- 2019.


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