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Media Accreditation for Events of March 16 in Rīga 2016. gada 14. marts

Media Accreditation for Events of March 16 in Rīga

In order to provide the media representatives with the opportunity for comfortable, coordinated and smooth coverage of events of March 16 in Rīga centre, the State Police will carry out the media accreditation prior to the event and will hand out colourful vests for the media representatives.


Accreditation Procedure

  • · To ensure faster and more convenient signup, we kindly ask all media representatives who will participate in coverage of events of March 16 to fill out the media accreditation form that is available on the link referred to below.


  • · On Wednesday, March 16, from 8:00 until the end of the event, there will be a minibus marked "Press Accreditation" at the intersection of Zigrfīda Anna Meierovica Blvd. and Kaļķu street (on the McDonald's side). Here, the representatives of the Public Relations Division will hand out colourful vests for the media representatives who will have filled out an accreditation form.


  • · In order to receive the vest, a media representative will have to present a certificate of the mass media employee or other document certifying belonging to the mass media.


  • · If the press officer does not have such a document, the personal identification document has to be presented. In that case, we kindly ask to specify in the accreditation form that the personal identification document will be presented for obtaining the vest.


  • · Without any of the aforementioned documents, it will not be possible to obtain the vests! The movement in the venue of the event may be limited without the vests. After the event, please return the vests to the minibus of the State Police.


  • · With the vests, the media representatives will be able to move around and work freely in the venue of the event.



Media accreditation form (compulsory!) is available at:


For more detailed information on accreditation please contact Toms Sadovskis (27878155) or Dairis Anučins(29402290).



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