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The Winner of the European Crime Prevention Award is The Netherlands 2015. gada 30. decembris

On 17 December 2015 this year’s European Crime Prevention Award (ECPA) was awarded in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg during the Best Practice Conference (BPC). It was again a great success since 20 countries participated with their best national crime prevention projects, focusing on the theme ‘Cybercrime’. The winner received a check of 10 000 euro, while two other projects were also awarded with an honourable mention and a check of 5 000 euro each.

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European Crime Prevention network

The Netherlands - SME Cybersecure, Cybersecurity Business edition - Winner ECPA 2015
Project description

Subsidised by the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice, MKB-Nederland (together with other partners) developed a project to make entrepreneurs more aware of the impact of cybercrime on their businesses. A lot of Small Medium Sized companies (SME’s) do not realise that their websites and databases are potential targets. To make SME’s more aware of their own cybersecurity, the project organises an awareness campaign based on a roadshow through the country. During this roadshow SME’s are given the possibility to improve their cybersecurity by offering 300 free ‘social’ hacks, giving them a clear insight into their vulnerabilities and measurements they can take to improve their cybersecurity. The partnership with KPN (Telco) offers SME’s a professional service with a discount, which means SME’s can immediately take action to improve their cybersecurity. Moreover, the partnership with the Association of Insurers offers SME’s a clear insight into insurances for cybercrime.
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Online Report Amsterdam -
Germany - Media Heroes - Runner Up
Project description

“Medienhelden” is a universal, manualized, theoretically based, and carefully evaluated (process, impact, implementation evaluation) preventive intervention program for the school context (7th-9th graders), including teachers and parents. Objectives are: Prevention of cyberbullying/-victimization and promotion of online self-protection skills and social skills. The program relies mainly on social learning and cognitive-behavioral methods and works with activating methods (peer-to-peer and peer-to-parent-tutoring). The program is intended for implementation in classrooms and covers ten weeks with sessions of 90 minutes each as part of a curriculum. A shortened one-day-version (4 sessions of 90 minutes) was also developed. The program manual provides school teachers with all materials needed to carry out the program. A longitudinal, randomized control study proved the positive effects of the program (e.g. reduction in cyberbullying, improved skills/empathy). A train-the-trainer approach is available for the purpose of implementation, offered by licenced external enterprises and partners.
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To read the project, click (English), chose “ECIP” (European Cyberbullying Intervention Project) on the left bar on the website.

Luxemburg - Bibi and friends - Runner Up
Project description

The NO Project powered by Bancpost is a Romanian awareness raising project on human trafficking targeting at the general public and, in particular, young people. The project aims at determining teenagers to understand the risks and identify the circumstances in which they may become victims of human trafficking. Under the call “Use your talent against human trafficking”, the project focuses especially on the involvement of young people through education, art, music, sports, dance, film, mass media and social media. This project values the power and skills of young people to influence attitudes and to change behaviours in their peers. The NO Project powered by Bancpost is the first public-private-NGOs partnership in Romania in the anti-trafficking field and is concluded between ANITP – National Agency against Trafficking in Persons, Bancpost – a Top 10 bank in Romania and ADPARE and eLiberare – specialised NGOs.
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To read the project, click or

Jury explanation

Through this the EUCPN wants to explain the reasons for awarding the European Crime Prevention Award. The winner of the ECPA, the project “SME Cybersecure” of the Netherlands, was chosen because of their innovative value and because they have fulfilled all the objectives they set out to do. Moreover the target groups; medium and small businesses, was unique within this ECPA and the jury members were convinced of the economic benefits of preventing cybercrime for this target group. Furthermore the runner-up “Media Heroes” from Germany was chosen because it had a scientific base and they performed a very complete evaluation. Furthermore the project has already been transferred to other countries and the jury members thought it was the best project in relation to the target groups which were teenagers and their parents. Furthermore the third project which received an honourable award was “Bibi and friends” of Luxembourg. The reason for rewarding the project of Luxembourg was mainly because of the innovative target group. Many projects focussed on teenagers but this project proved that even very small children and their parents should be involved in early prevention. Especially, because the young generation gets into contact with the internet at a very young age.


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