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International conference on psychological and medical selection of police personnel to take place in Jūrmala 2015. gada 10. jūnijs

EMPEN network brings together the experts of psychology and medicine, working in law enforcement agencies, in order to contribute to exchange of experience and to enhance their cooperation. The conference will bring together 50 participants from EU Member States, as well as from Switzerland, Iceland and Turkey.

Participants of the conference will discuss the psychological and medical selection of applicants for police work, as well as employee selection for specific tasks, such as employment in Special Forces. The meeting participants will also discuss building up a mutual support system for police officers („peer support") and the selection of participants for this programme. Professionally established mutual support system for police officers may serve as an alternative form of support (in addition to the psychological services).

The discussions will also cover the common trends in psychological and medical selection of the law enforcement personnel in the Member States and possible areas of cooperation among the members of the network. Mutual cooperation and sharing of best practices within the framework of the EMPEN network can significantly contribute to effectiveness of psychological and medical services in law enforcement agencies of relevant states, which in turn will contribute to the quality of home affairs system's operation in these states.

Media opportunity: media have the opportunity to participate at the opening of the event on Wednesday, at 9.15. The Chief of the State Police of Latvia, general Ints Ķuzis will say the opening speech to the conference. Interview opportunities — psychologists of the State Police of Latvia: Course Leader Ms Daiga Caune and Deputy Course Leader Ms Tatjana Griškina.

The conference will take place at the Baltic Beach Hotel in Jūrmala.


Media contacts:
Gunta Skrebele
Ministry of the Interior
Expert in Communication
Phone: +371 67219363
Mobile: +371 29494943


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