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European Crime Prevention Network experts meet in Riga to discuss prevention of secondary victimization 2015. gada 26. februāris

On Tuesday 3 March and Wednesday 4 March at the National Library of Latvia, board meeting of the European Crime Prevention Network (EUCPN) will take place. The meeting will be attended by high-level state officials responsible for coordination and dissemination of information about crime prevention policies in the respective Member States.

“Every year thousands of citizens become victims of crime in the EU Member States, and the police should be able to respond appropriately. Persons, who have been victimised, seek professional support when in contact with the police and other authorities regardless of the form of crime committed towards them. In regard to vulnerable groups, the elderly can also become victims of crime, therefore professionals require special training in order to work with these vulnerable groups,” says Ilze Bērziņa-Ruķere, the Chair of the EUCPN.     

On 3 March at the first session, participants will adopt annual report of 2014. Afterwards, the participants will discuss and adopt work programme of 2015. Discussions will be mainly devoted to evaluation results of the Best Practice Conference (EUCPN BPC) and future operation of the EUCPN. During the Latvian and Luxembourg Presidencies, the EUCPN multiannual strategy for 2016- 2020 needs to be drafted.

The EUCPN promotes exchange of information on crime prevention issues and activities which helps to reduce different types of crimes. During the meeting on 4 March the EUCPN team will focus on issues of preventing secondary victimization*. Prevention of secondary victimisation is the topic chosen by the Latvian EUCPN team. It is related to the main task of the police service and other authorities – to provide support to citizens and ensure a better security and prevention of crime.    

On 4 March, presentations will be given on prevention of secondary victimisation in the EU Member States, including secondary victimisation of the elderly and domestic violence, as well as policy updates on monitoring of victims in accordance with defence rights in Europe.

For media attention: accredited media are welcomed to follow the discussions and presentations on 4 March, as well as, interview the experts during the coffee breaks. At 10.30-11.00 - Ms Myria Vassiliadou, EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator, DG Home Affairs; at 10.30-11.00 - Ms Maria McDonald, leader of the Victims’ Rights Alliance; at 15.00-15.30 - Ms Petra Binkova, Substitute of Czech Republic National Representative; and at 12.30-13.30 - Mr Andis Rinkevics, Head of Crime Prevention Unit of the State Police of Latvia will be available for interviews.

Please, find the official agenda here: 

Media accreditation by 2 March:

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